Dodi Lee PoulsenDodi Lee 
Two Sisters at Squirrel Hollow
I grew up in Northern California with a close - knit family. My love of fabric and the art of the needle came quite honestly and naturally to me. One of my favorite memories was sitting on my Grandmother’s lap as a child while I helped Nana push fabric through her treadle sewing machine. At the age of ten, with my mother’s gentle guidance, I created my first sewn garment.  It didn’t take me long to realize the sewing machine and I were destined to become lifelong partners.

I received a BFA degree in Interior Design and freelanced for many years in my own company, In the Beginning Creations. For me, quilting and sewing embraces emotion and they beautifully blend fabric with the heart of its creator. I started quilting over 40 years ago, while in college, when I needed a textile project. I taught myself to quilt and it has become my passion. In 2006, I launched my pattern company, Two Sisters at Squirrel Hollow.

I love teaching the art of quilting and for over 40 years I have shared this with students throughout the country. I have authored 5 books and have over 90 published patterns. My work has appeared in numerous magazines over the years and I taught with Quilt Camp at Sea for 9 years. I feel immensely blessed to be a part of this industry and love every minute I get to spend creating. My hope is to inspire others to find their voice through creativity.

Today I happily design and create at home, in the state of Idaho. My husband and I have raised a fabulous son and super-talented daughter. Together they have given us 9 grandchildren to spoil and adore.