Monday, April 10, 2017

Binding Tutorial

A friend of mine struggles when sewing on the binding of a quilt. When she gets to the end and has to match up the two pieces, it just gives her fits. I showed her my trick, and she hasn't had a problem since! So, I thought I might share with all of you, just in case you have the same issue.

So, you get to this point when sewing on the binding to your quilt.... and you need to match up the two ends......

Step One: fold your two ends over and crease where you want them to meet. 
Finger press in place, to create a crease.

Step Two: on the left hand piece of material, draw a line with water soluble ink on along the crease you made, ON THE GOOD SIDE OF THE FABRIC.   Do the same for the right hand piece, ON THE BAD SIDE OF THE FABRIC.

Take the right hand piece of fabric and align with the left hand piece as pictured.
The line ON THE  GOOD SIDE OF THE FABRIC, lines up with the edge of the right hand piece of fabric. Putting the line ON THE BAD SIDE OF THE FABRIC along the edge of the left hand piece of fabric. (confusing, but study the picture, it makes sense)

Now, draw a line diagonally as shown, and sew on that line.

Flip it over and check your angles before trimming.
Then trim off edges at 1/4 inch.

Wa La! Perfectly lined up every time. Works like a charm!
Happy Binding!!!


  1. oh, it looks good, and way more easy to understand than any other binding tutorial that I've seen. Pinning it, so I can go back to it when I'm ready to bind my next quilt. Thanks!!

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