Monday, July 4, 2016

A Star is Born!

A Star is Born, not really, but what fun it was to work on the set of the 
PBS show "Love of Quilting"

I was contacted by Fons and Porter sand asked to fly out to Iowa to teach on the PBS TV show, Love of Quilting. It was an honor to be able to do this and it wasn’t even on my bucket list! So, why not? Sounded like fun until you walked into the studio and felt completely overwhelmed. What made me think I could do this?? So you had to fake it till you made it for sure!!

First you started out in hair and make-up…What? Wow, that was pretty fun. Afterwards  you had a meeting with the producer and you set out your set -ups. What are set ups, you ask? They are all the items you pre made to show on the show that will give the viewer the visual to help them see the process of making your block/quilt/ project, etc.. All that was done a few weeks before I left and hand carried in a them foam-board folder I made to keep the pieces flat and pristine. No wrinkles allowed!!

After the meeting and you and she agreed on what steps to show and what visuals to use you then meet with the entire film crew…. About 10 of them. Who knew shooting a show was so time consuming and used so many talented people?  It was a real learning experience and ended up being extremely fun. Once I got into it I seemed to go pretty smoothly. Patrick Lose was wonderful to work with. He had lots of patience and great communication and he made me feel really at ease. I thoroughly enjoyed my time.

So look for the 2800 series this month on your local PBS station I will be teaching the String Me Along quilt and the Shattered Dresden. Both will appear in the Love of Quilting magazines  July/August for Shattered Dresden and Sept/Oct for String Me Along.  So exciting!!!


  1. WOW!!! Congratulations for this wonderful honor.. This 2800 series looks amazing. You are the third person of my friends/aquaintences that will be apearing on this season. What a theill it will be for me.. as it must have been for you.. looking forward to it.

  2. Loved you on Fons and Porter. Love "String me along". So plan to do that as I love working with scraps. Went to JoAnn's looking for the permanent stablizer. No luck. Can you share a brand name, etc. Joan Lowder,

  3. Loved both shows. Curious as to where I can purchase the clam shell turning/pressing tool. Now I want to make the shattered Dresden.


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