Friday, April 12, 2013

80 Wonderful Years!

This post I want to pay tribute to my surrogate dad, John. This week he celebrated his 80th birthday. What a milestone and what a wonderful man.
Sometimes life just gets in the way of what you really want and need to do.
 (Like finally getting around to making him a quilt!)
John was a Crew Coach for  2 Universities and I hope this quilt reflects the
passion of those years for him.
 I had fun collecting a few photos from his wife of his early
years and incorporating that into a quilt. I also collected nautical themed prints and used a simple triangle pattern with sashings. Goes together in a breeze!


While shooting pictures of this quilt I fell of the porch stairs and broke my foot!
Let's just say I gave it my all for this quilt! Here's to 5 more weeks in a boot.
Can I just cry now?

 Hope you had a better week than me!

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