Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Applique made EASY....No Fuss Fast Fuse

Want to learn how to do applique, but don't want to use the conventional hand turn method? Use this super easy method and achieve instant success! Try this for adding a name to any project.

#1  On the computer choose a font style and size that you like and run it off on paper.

#2  Using a light box, or don't bother if you have a good source of light on a window. Tape up your
paper BACKWARDS onto the window.

#3  I love the Shades, soft fuse paper backed fusible webbing. It comes in sheets or rolls and is super easy to use.

Cut a piece that will fit your name, or if you have a long name, just do it in sections or pieces. You will be cutting them out afterwards so it really doesn't matter if it's all connected or not.

#4  Tape the webbing up over the name that you printed on the computer. Trace the letters onto the paper side of the web. This is a double sided product, so the web will be on the non-paper side at this point.

#5  On the WRONG side of your fabric, iron on the webbing. Use an applique sheet to keep the film from oozing out onto your iron...very important..believe me.

#6  Cut out letters and arrange them on the fabric you will be appliqueing onto.  Using the applique sheet, press them onto your fabric. Let the iron sit for about 20-30 seconds. You may have to repeat this a few times to get a good solid melt down...ooozzzze

#7  Choose a stitch on your machine that will work best for applique. There are several that will do the job nicely. Often times quilters like yo use satin stitch, but I like this stitch on my machine that looks like a lightening bolt.........the one that is highlighted below.

#8  Lay a sheet of tissue paper under the applique area and then stitch away. The tissue helps the fabric to move smoothly as to go.  Tear it away after it's completely sewn.
and TA DA! you've made a beautiful piece of art. Super easy, lots of fun! Think of the possibilities!

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