Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fabric Organization 101

I admit it...I am a MESSY sewer! There, I've said it. Is everyone happy? (Linda, Heidi?)
I wear most of the threads I cut off my projects and if they aren't found there, they are on the floor. But, I always do a big clean up and they go in the trash sooner or later...honest.
Yes, the fabric has tumbled onto the floor. Stacking them wasn't the
best way to see them and to get them out easily.
With the volume of work that I do, my shelves often look a litte (a lot) disorganized. This is actually how my shelves looked when I left for Spring market. And all those fabrics stayed there until I returned...for a few weeks after even.....I was just to tired to care.
Some fabrics even managed to make it into a box. Still a big mess and who knew what was in there?  ....enter daughter Meg
She saw this idea on Pintrest I bet..honestly who has time to look at all those photos?
(I don't because I know I would spend hours on it if I did)  I guess with 3 kids under 6 she deserves some down time!  And thankfully she found this idea for me
 and it has transformed my fabric storage.
So go and purchase some of these comic book boards. Who knew they would have a double life??
 I found them online here.  Get the 7" x 10 1/2" size.
Fold fabric in half lengthwise
Fold fabric half way over the board and continue to fold until the end. About 2 1/2 yards is all one board can hold.
Add a pin at the top to secure. THEN..........

TADA!!!   You have fabulous shelves full of fabrics you can actually SEE. It's a miracle.

This will totally change how you work with your fabrics and best yet,
they stay organized and ON the shelves.

 And the remainder of your smaller pieces can be folded into a tub for quick view and use.

Now just to tackle the closet..yes all those tubs and boxes are fabrics.. I know, I know
Have a great weekend, Scarlett and I will worry about the closet another day!


  1. Genius!!! I need to find some of those and start organizing. . .

  2. You can cut pieces of cardboard boxes instead of buying the comic book boards. My husband cuts them for me. I am one very blessed quilter.

  3. I love your big closet full of fabric. You have lots more than I do. I don't feel so guilty anymore. I am on a serious fabric fast now.

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