Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Crafty Cover Up

I have 3 kids. Who love to craft (hmmm...wonder where they got that from?) And crafting is great, but messy. And I'm not a huge fan of messes. All this distain for having to pick playdough out of my carpet or scrub paint off my dining room table till the cows came home led me to create the Crafty Cover Up. It's great for cooking, painting, playdough, gluing...heck, anything that's messy and a child likes to do, it'll work great.

Would have been mighty nice here.....
 Or here, after the glue dried to my little guys shirt and never came off.....
 Or here, back in the day, when I used to allow playdough in the house.
 And it would have come in mighty handy here during a random painting moment outside. Please excuse the lack of clothing; we do reside in Arizona where everyday is a tropical 8 million degrees.
 Easy for kids to get on and off, with a velcro tab closure in the back.
Big enough pocket to fit paintbrushes, crayons, and markers. Long enough to cover those adorable skinny jeggings when sitting down to create.
So far, at this household....crafting's becoming a whole lot cleaner.

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