Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Mulberry Lane


I just wanted to tell you a little more about Mulberry Lane.

 As we journey through life the word home is subjectively personal and will mean something different to everyone. I am blessed to say that my childhood home meant safety, love, warmth and stability. A home can transform a family’s future. Mulberry Lane is the actual name of the magical street I grew up on in northern California. My grandparents lived just 208 steps down the street. It was a small orchard town where you could run all day with friends until the evening fell or you grew hungry. It was a safe haven. The street still echoes the shouts from friends to come out and play. This small town no longer looks or feels the same, but the feeling I get when I think of Mulberry Lane brings me back to a sacred time, so many years ago, that will always be imbedded in my heart. It shaped who I am today.
 I hope you enjoy my new line, Mulberry Lane, with fabrics full of color and promise.

Here are some fun projects you can make with this yummy fabric.

How darling are these dresses!

Sew fun!  More to come!

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