Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Aurifil Floss and a FREE Pattern!

Aurifil Floss and a FREE Pattern!

A bit back Aurifil was kind enough to send me their amazing embroidery floss in matching colors with my Enchanted Fabric line for Riley Blake. 

They are so beautiful and I love using them as they stitch like butter. And I admit I have a crush on the wooden spools. Love them! They remind me of sewing with my grandmother when I was younger. I loved to play with her spools of darning thread on the floor while she mended socks. Wow, that brings back memories.

Mama Said So Pattern available HERE

I wanted to play with these delicious threads some more, so I created this cute little Choose Happiness Squirrel embroidery just for you!  

Click to enlarge the photo and then print, or save image and then print full size 8.5 x 11.

I often run my embroidery patterns off on Sulky Fabric-Solvy. It is self-adhesive and I can put it in my printer, (laser or ink), and create the perfect diagram to stitch my design. 

While it has the firmness and feel of fabric, it easily washes away, placing no stress on the thread work. I like to run my designs off with brown ink as black sometimes tends to run, depending on your printer. It’s always good to do a test first. Use a light or draft setting on your printer. You will really like the ease of using this product with embroidery. No more hand tracing!

I also use a soft light weight flannel behind all my stitcheries when I can. It helps to hide your threads and gives your handwork a nice loft look.

I put my finished embroidered design into a hoop and I think it’s adorable!  

The thread colors are intense and just pop when stitched into a project. They are 6 strands of sheer delight and are colorfast. That is so important to me. Aurifil threads are soft and subtle and can be used with ease… I LOVE THEM! You won’t regret investing in these threads.

What are you going to make today?
 Pick up some Aurifil thread or floss and stitch away.

More from Aurifil HERE

Have a HAPPY STITCHING day!         



  1. So glad I found your site! (Aurifil sent me!) I love your tips to improve my hand embroidery, especially adding a layer of flannel behind the stitching cloth. Thank you for the free's so sweet!

  2. I find hand embroidery designs beautiful, but laborious to make. But this time needs to change my mind. Thankyou!
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  3. I prefer hand embroidery patterns over digital machines because it allows my creativity to flow and can make my own pattern. Visit Here

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