Thursday, August 11, 2016

Love of Quilting

Quilt sighting!! The Sept/Oct issue of Fons and Porters, Love of Quilting magazine, is now on the newsstand. Look for my String Me Along quilt in the magazine which will also be taught on the upcoming 2800 series on the Love of Quilting TV show due to run the next two weekends in my area. Check your local listings. Such a fun quilt to make -- get those scraps ready!!  #sashgal #fonsandporter #quilts #scrapquilts  #sewingproject

From the set :)

According to the TV Guide Website my episodes for "Love of Quilting" will air on or around
August 21st and 28th, but check your local listings.
You want to look for the "Shattered Dresden" and "String Me Along" episodes.


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