Monday, June 27, 2016

Magazine Sighting! Love of Quilting!!!

Guess who has a little feature in this month's Love of Quilting Magazine! :)

This month’s July/August issue with my Shattered Dresden quilt in it.

This quilt is a fresh update to the classic Dresden plate block. It looks challenging, but actually it’s an easy and fun alternative block.

And an added bonus, this quilt will be be featured on the Love of Quilting show series 2800 with Patrick Lose and yours truly!

The beautiful quilting was done by my favorite quilter and designer Joanne Case of undercover quilter-- Joanne Case

The magazine is in stores now!
More late on my public TV debut on Love of Quitling 
set to air in July/August on your local channels.


  1. Beautiful! I sew/quilt with Joanne every Tuesday and hear all about your quilting cruises! She does beautiful work too!

  2. Hi Dodi, Can you tell me where I can purchase the circle turner you used on the Shattered Dresden show? I've looked everywhere I can think of. Thanks. I love your patterns.

  3. Sharon-

    The Scallop Pushers are from Quick Points. You can find them on their website in several sizes. Email me if you have trouble finding them. Dodi


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