Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Adorable Little Annies

I found this great pattern for adorable little Annies at Raggedy Old Annies

I made three of them out of some tea dyed fabric, and one from plain muslin.  I thought I would try coffee staining it after she was made.

Use instant coffee. I started with equal parts  8 oz. coffee and hot water. I would say use ½ the amount of coffee and 1 cup of water. Also add about ¼ of a bottle of artificial vanilla to give the coffee that waffle smell!

When the mix is cool, use a sponge brush to paint the entire doll and then hang to dry. I also used paper towels to absorb the coffee and wetness. Make sure to hang them where you don’t mind them dripping.  I dunked the clothes into the pan. The fabrics really absorb the stain rapidly so you don’t want to leave it in any extended period of time . Dunk them in and then right back out. You may need to rinse them out a bit if you think the stain is too dark. Do it right away if you think that. Otherwise the fibers truly absorb all of the stain and you can’t get it out easily. 

And here they are with my adorable grandchildren

And here's one I made with LullaBelle!


  1. I made Raggedy Ann and Andy for my daughter's first Christmas (35 years ago!). They sit on a chair in my sun-room and my grandkids still play with them. Your dolls are adorable.

  2. They are so much pretty.. You have your new friend and a precious caretaker for your child! Helene Goldnadel


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