Saturday, May 10, 2014

Quilt Camp at Sea - The Panama Canal

Can I really have spent 9 months away from this blog? Yes, indeed I have. Just to's where I have been. The past 15 months have been some of the most challenging moments ever, but also so wonderful.
So here goes the excuses:
1. Both my hubby and I had major surgeries with long rehabs (need I say more?)
2. We welcomed 2 new grandchildren into our lives....amazing
3. I taught on and prepared for 3 cruises - Alaska, New England and Panama  Whew -- it was so fun, but very time consuming.
4. I designed a line of fabric.... over and over and over
5. I got a whopping case of the shingles! YUCK...get the shot!
6. Tried to spend more time with my now 8 grandkids and families
So there was just no time or energy to write, but I am going to turn over a new leaf--I promise.
(at least it sounds good!)

Cruising to the Panama Canal
Quilt Camp at Sea set sail from Fort Lauderdale in early April. We had been planning this cruise for a very long time and with nearly 100 in our group it was an organizational feat.

First stop half Moon Cay, a private island owned by Holland America. The waters are crystal clear, warm and even more beautiful than the picture shows.  We swam, sunned, and played all day in these gorgeous waters. Can I just say...perfection?

One can't talk about cruising without talking about the food. The two just go hand in hand. I must say, I enjoyed it all a bit too much. Especially these delicious King Crab personal favorite! YUM!

I taught 2 classes on the cruise. One, a Mystery and the other a wall hanging, "Mama said Sew". It's always a blast teaching these wonderful groups of quilters. I love them all so much and each of them fills my life with joy. Thank you all for enabling me to live my life's dream of teaching what I love. You are the very best.
Who wouldn't love these great women??      So much fun!

It is amazing how the "String Me Along" mystery quilt could have so many block layouts - I think there were over 20 that I drew out, but I am sure there are even more to be discovered.
My good friend Sue all the way from Australia!

                                Don't these quilts just want to make you do the happy dance?
At last it was time for the Panama Canal experience. Linnie and I got up at o-dark-thirty.  Actually 5:30 a.m. to take it all in, and it was worth the wait.

And the Ports of Call weren't so bad either. one of my favorites was Curacao. It was a Dutch inspired city that was rich in history and color---And the views priceless.

We took a Rain forest Jungle tram in Panama City. It was so amazing. We had our own personal guide on our tram of 5. Pretty spiffy. Beautiful scenery. Like our matching scarves? Inside were beads that were soaked in water and they kept us from overheating...yes, it was hot and humid....ugh!
Thanks Julie!

And of course what would if be if I didn't do a zip line in Costa Rica? My friend Lora looked great in her gear and then by the end we experienced a torrential downpour in the forest. And I do mean the rain exploded. We were all soaked...soaked...yes, very wet. But the lines were super fast and we loved it.


Want to go with us on a Quilt Camp at Sea adventure? We have a few spots still open for Alaska in 2105 and Australia will be opening up for booking soon --for March 2016. Come and go "down under" with us. Contact:  Pat Tobin at You won't want to miss out on all the fun!

                                                                  Happy traveling!     























Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Halloween Handwork

Just finished in the nick of time, before I leave for New York, are these adorable Halloween ornaments. You can find  this pattern at Buttermilk Basin.

Absolutely love this cat!

 I used hand dyed and woven wools. I love to work with wool as the feel of the fabric is so wonderful. Just choosing fabrics was half the fun!

 Thought this little guy was so fun!


I folded a piece of  burlap with chevrons on it, (it made it look like a spider web), and added sparkly tulle over in. Then tied twine onto it and hung the ornaments. I tried to find a black Christmas tree, but if I had to purchase one for 2 families it would have been too expensive, so this had to do.
(bad picture...too much sun in the morning....sorry!)
All this for my 6, soon to be 8 this week, grandkids! Love, love, these wonderful kids. We will be adding a grandson (about time!) and a granddaughter to the mix.
So try some hand will be addicted!  Dodi

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Scrappy Trip Around the World

Here's what I've been working on the last few weeks. Daughter Meg wanted a new bedspread for Lucie and this is what I came up with. And a wonderful way to use up all those SCRAPS! This quilt was made entirely out of leftovers from other projects. I love it when it works out that way!

This is a scrappy Trip around the World. You make it in tubes and then unpick as you go to put them together. See how to here.  Takes a bit of time but so worth it. When you stand back and look at it you can really see the design.
now back to cleaning and dusting...enough fun for one day...grrr

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

From Yard sale to Simply Fabulous

While I was driving down a popular street I spotted this ...from a distance I couldn't tell what it was. A desk, a vanity... I wasn't sure.  But I knew I had to go back and take a look.
Could it be?? A wonderful vanity that my little gran girls needed.
Called my daughter and said do you want it?
 Never mind that she lived 1,000 miles away. Of course she wanted it! 

And the best part....all of this for only a mere.....$25.00! They sure didn't know what they had.

With a little love and some painting skills, look what she did to it.....simply FABULOUS!
Definitely PINK...but what little girl doesn't love that?  Love these drawer pulls?
 You can find them here.

A new found treasure that will last for years to come. Great job MEG!